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July 2023

Artificial Intelligence (Part 1): "AI will never have a part to play in critical control rooms." Really?

AI has been much in the news lately with industry leaders calling for a pause in the development of solutions while regulatory measures catch up.  AI has its detractors and some would rather it was not introduced into the critical control room environment at all.  But surely AI is a force for good for critical control room operations too? 

This webinar will bring you up to speed with the current situation and the range of beliefs surrounding the deployment of AI in critical control rooms.



Rounding up the current position

Peter Prater

Chairman, ICCRA


Chatbots and AI: Can we trust them in critical situations?

Thomas Gourtin

AI Expert and Founder ASISPO


A Control Room View

Chris Philpott

Assistant Chief Officer

Humberside Police


Should we, just because we can?

Gary Stuart

Head of APAC

Global Policing

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