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People & Performance

All of us involved in Critical Control Room environments are surrounded by technology and communications equipment that is front and centre to our core business but as employers and managers we should never forget about the criticality of our employees.

While computers and technology have their place, many jobs including those in mission critical environments require a higher level of creativity, problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking that can only be achieved through the human element. This makes people critical to the success of many organisations.

It is therefore essential that we understand the importance of tending to the needs and concerns of employees and working with them to maximise not only their potential but also that of the organisation.

The focus of the People & Performance core theme is the staffing in critical control rooms and is therefore concerned with topics such as:

  • Culture – external and internal

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Retention, motivation and incentives

  • Ownership

  • Staffing models

  • Roster patterns

  • Employment laws

  • Employment contracts

  • Performance standards

  • Measuring performance

  • Managing change


ICCRA has been designed and shaped around the needs of all those associated with critical control room environments across a range of roles and responsibilities. In an ever changing socio-economic climate being a member of ICCRA will help you to make sense of changes on both a local and global scale affecting critical operations and enabling experiential and professional knowledge to be shared and utilised.

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