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May 2021

HR Matters

Human resources (the staff) is at the heart of every critical control room. These are the people who will make or break the success of the provision of the important services.  They are likely to be a significant portion of the costs of running a control room and they are much in demand from many other competing industries due to their professionalism.  They need to be selected, protected and nurtured and today, they are more prone than ever to be the focus of stressful and demanding events and this takes its toll.  This webinar takes a look at how management can recognise and consider increasing stress levels in the workplace.



A Silent Pandemic: The Mental Health Crisis in Emergency Communications

Research work

Cindy Sparrow,

Partner & Principal Consultant,

Consort Strategy


Who Cares Wins! An industry response

George Greig,


getITright Management and IT Consultants


Panel Debate

All speakers plus:

Sarah Wilson, Director, North West Fire Control Centre, UK
Sherri Bush, ENP, Sr. Consultant, Federal Engineering Inc, USA

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