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October 2021

Managing Change in Critical Control Rooms

Change arrives in many ways and is driven by many factors.  Often, when we consider change in the context of Critical Control Rooms we think about the technology that we procure to allow efficient call taking, dispatch and incident management but this is simply one set of drivers for change.  In the last 2 years COVID has forced changes in the manner of operations that would not have been otherwise contemplated, not least of which has been operators working from home. 

This webinar will explore the many factors that can lead to change and also look at actual examples of technology, pandemic and strategy induced change and how this has been managed.  Industry and end-user speakers will set the scene and debate the subject.



A brief overview of what’s driving change in FRS Control Rooms and the challenges they present

Jamie Orr
ESN Programme Manager for Fire Services in the North East of England


New challenges for the design of workplaces and control room layout 

Markus Ressel - Sales Director


How to deal with critical information beyond the control room: IT and OT integration and security

Jordan Heldrich

Segment Marketing Manager Control Rooms


Critical Control Rooms Managing Change - Delivering Capability

Dr Amanat Hussain

Executive Chairman

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