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February 2021

Broadband Communications Update

The ability for a critical control room to communicate with its stakeholders is of paramount importance. The days of pure voice communications are well and truly over and bandwidth is on the increase through a variety of means.  This webinar provides an update on the changing nature of mobile broadband provision and examines the questions and considerations of maximising the return on your investment in such communications.



BroadWay to BroadNet - A pan-European broadband mobile system for PPDR 

David Lund,

Project Manager,

PSCE (Europe)


A Policy Perspective on Public Safety Broadband in the U.S.

Mark Reddish,

Senior Counsel & Manager of Government Relations,

APCO International


An Operational Perspective on Broadband Technology for Emergency Communications Centers

Karima Holmes,


Office of Unified Communications Washington, DC, USA

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