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March 2021

Mobile Technologies Update

This webinar provides an update on the critical telecommunication services relied upon by most if not all critical control room services.  TETRA mobile comms has been with us for a good many years now, what is coming next and what will it mean for control rooms?  Also, the emergency call services of the world (112, 911, 999 etc.) are facing demands by the citizen to be updated to cater for greater flexibility. What is happening and when will you be expected to change?  Looking at the wider picture, the webinar will give an update on the investment in, development and adoption of critical broadband networks, and the experiences of early adopters who are at various stages of the process. TCCA will present the Roadmap to Broadband, the role of TETRA going forward as hybrid networks are implemented and the impact of these on Control Rooms. The webinar will also consider on the potential of 5G technology to bring a range of new benefits to the critical communications world.



Status of critical mobile communications today

Mladen Vratonjic


Challenges and trends for 112 in Europe

Benoit Vivier. Public Affairs Manager 
European Emergency Number Association - EENA112 


What does this mean for critical control room command and control systems?

Nick Chorley,

Director EMEA Public Safety & Security


Karl Price,

Business Development Manager, UK

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