GESAB has over 25 years’ experience of offering comprehensive solutions for control centers. An experience marked by always being at the forefront of innovation and offering all its clients results with the highest functionality and quality.

GESAB comprises a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects and engineers, enabling it to take a global approach to each project and offer 360° solutions. Comprehensive projects executed in a unique and exclusive manner to meet the client’s needs, with amazing results. The GESAB team also develops studies on ergonomics, lighting, design and interiors to provide the rooms with maximum functionality and an individual character.

The control centers developed by GESAB have the most advanced technology integrated into them. All their designs and consoles are customised, created for each client, working from project conceptualisation to execution to ensure maximum quality.
The most advanced technology is integrated in a subtle manner, along the most minimalist design lines, housing a large amount of equipment with optimal cabling management in a safe, ergonomic environment that is accessible for maintenance and cleaning work.

The follow up of Standard ISO 11064 guarantees compliance with the basic principles of design and ergonomics in control centers.



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