Iccra | 2020-12-03

ICCRA Launches New Critical Control Room Webinar Series

Source: ICCRA

The ICCRA (International Critical Control Room Alliance) webinar series is the go-to forum for those working in, supporting and supplying critical control rooms of all varieties.

ICCRA announced the ICCRA webinar series delivering a user-experience-rich 2-hour webinar each month allowing ICCRA to continue to fulfill its mission of bringing support, information, and education to those responsible for the delivery of effective critical control rooms.

ICCRA, supported by InformaTech, begin the series, unsurprisingly, with a webinar focusing on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on critical operations and how control rooms have reacted to these changes.

You will see that other scheduled webinars focus on the range of aspects underpinning successful critical control rooms for example delivering trends and updates on telecommunication services on which all control rooms depend so heavily and ergonomics and human factors questions. HR matters feature highly as we examine the measures taken to select, protect, and nurture the staff.

For tose who would like to attend the ICCRA webinar series, it just requires a single registration to have access to ALL webinars, documents, and other materials.

You can find an overview of all ICCRA webinars here