ICCRA team

Peter Prater

Chairman and Co-Founder

User, consultant, supplier in critical C3i for 35 years. B-APCO Life Member. TCCA supporter for many years and founder member of ICCRA. Managing Director at Hexagon Safety & Infratructure UK.

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Chris Dreyfus-Gibson

Vice Chairman and Co-Founder

A self-confessed control room geek, Chris is Head of Products for Sopra Steria’s Aerospace, Defence and Security business, and personally manages their control room solutions portfolio. As a consultant, Chris has specialised in critical control rooms and operational command, working with the emergency services, transport organisations, and the wider public and private sectors. Previously, Chris was Head of the Force Control Room at the British Transport Police.

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Sarah Wilson

Lead, People Special Interest Group

Sarah has worked in a Control Room/Mobilising role for the Fire and Rescue Service for over 25 years. She has worked her way through a variety of operator and managerial roles until being promoted to Head of North West Fire Control She holds a First Class Batchelor of Arts (Hons) in Education and Training and a Master of Arts in Professional Development (Education, Leadership and Management).

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David Watts

Lead, Working Environment Special Interest Group

David is Managing Director of CCD Design & Ergonomics. In 20 years of professional practice, David has run CCD’s input to a wide range of control room projects for clients including Network Rail, ITER, the emergency services, Thames Water, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company and the Government of Georgia.

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Ged Griffin

Lead, Operations Special Interest Group

Visiting Fellow at Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM). During his career with Victoria Police Force he has performed duties in general operations, marine policing, criminal investigations, intelligence and counter terrorism operations.

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Geoff Spring

Deputy Lead, Operations Special Interest Group

Geoff was a member of the State of Victoria’s (Australia) public service for nearly 40 years holding senior executive positions in the fields of project management, transportation, public safety, policy, strategy and governance. Geoff now specialises in the field of mission critical public safety communications.

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Lead, Technology Special Interest Group