Congress White Paper - Control Rooms of the Future

Iccra | Future & Vision | 2019-01-23

The International Critical Control Rooms Alliance Congress 2018 took place 10-12 December 2018 in London. With the Congress agenda focussed ‘Development through disruption: Progressing your Control Room’, the aim of the first day’s workshop was for delegates to outline a conceptual model of the Control Room of the future. This white paper is based directly on the feedback of the groups and follows a hot debrief of the findings that was presented during the congress.


The Next BIG Thing for your Video Management System - GEOSPATIAL AWARENESS

Technology | Future & Vision | 2016-03-04

Everything is going geospatial…Twitter, Google, Facebook, Pinterest. Although it may manifest itself under other names: geo-intelligence, GEOINT, map-based, geo-referencing, geo-analysis, these are all terms referring to the concept of geospatial. In security terms, geospatial refers to WHAT happened and WHERE it happened, and it’s the role of security professionals to understand how it can help make critical perimeters and facilities more secure.


Perspective on Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Protection by TERMA

Environment | Future & Vision | 2014-12-14

Vision and market trends for Homeland Security and role in Critical Infrastructure Protection in response to the new security situation.


NG9-1-1 answering new call for help

Operations | Future & Vision | 2014-11-30

In almost every country in the world, these are the issues driving the need for next generation emergency calling systems. Using the NG9-1-1 initiative in the United States as an example, this overview will explore the technologies, the benefits and the current status of next generation solutions.


4G LTE Public Safety Communications Systems

People | Future & Vision | 2014-11-30

The future is now: Public Safety LTE communications - With the advent of LTE in public safety organizations, massive amounts of data can be transmitted to and from the command center or even directly from patrol car to patrol car. This gives first responders rich media information and greatly enhanced collaboration capabilities in addition to the already powerful voice communications they depend on in the field today.


Christie collaborative visual solutions whitepaper

Environment | Future & Vision | 2014-11-30

Command and control collaboration in the modern age - Redesigning the traditional control room


Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security:

People | General | 2014-11-30

Understand the Command and Control Architecture Building Block


PowerPhone White Paper: The PSAP and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Operations | General | 2014-10-28

PowerPhone has released a complimentary white paper entitled, The Role of the Call Handler in the Face of Ebola and Other Emerging and Deadly Infectious Diseases. This paper presents a fundamental summary of emerging infectious diseases and emergency response with a focus on empowering the call handler with information and understanding and, by so doing, protect responders.