Introducing the SC21 Small and Smart TETRA hand-held

25% smaller, 100% capable, the SC21 is compact without compromise.

Small and light enough to be lapel-worn, the SC21 is a next-generation, high-performance smart TETRA hand-held radio. With crystal-clear audio and extended coverage – as well as a highly usable keypad and large, sunlight-visible screen – it offers all the benefits of a small, lightweight radio, with no compromise on functionality or performance:

No-compromise performance
With a best-in-class TETRA engine inherited from the SC20, the SC21 allows you to keep communicating where other small handsets fail.

  • High-power Class 3 (2.7W) RF transmission
  • Exceptional receive sensitivity
  • Extended operational range
  • Smart Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

No-compromise audio
The SC21 delivers rich, best-in-class audio for loud, clear voice communication, however noisy the environment.
The directional speaker projects audio to the user’s ear providing exceptional clarity, and advanced waterporting technology ensures that clarity is maintained, even in continuous, heavy rain.

  • Powerful 1W audio
  • 100% compatible with STP RAC-based and SC20 sRAC-based accessories

No-compromise worker safety
Offering protection and reassurance for lone or remote workers, the SC21’s advanced worker safety features offer peace of mind at all times of day or night

  • Automated Man-Down and Lone Worker protection
  • Dedicated emergency button with Wake-on-Alarm
  • Location tracking
  • Large, easy-read display

Compact & lightweight
Small and light enough to be lapel worn, the SC21 is still rugged and robust enough to withstand the
toughest workday challenges (certified to IP65). Its compact, contoured design also makes it ideal for discreet covert use.

  • Crypto-secure
  • Easily concealed
  • Long battery life
  • Specialist covert accessory range

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