Technology | 2018-12-10

Cyviz Presents the Dynamic Control Room at the ICCRA Congress

Source: ICCRA

Cyviz will present the Dynamic control room at this year’s International Critical Control Rooms Alliance Congress in London (December 10-12).

This year’s theme is Development Through Disruption – Progressing Your Control Room, which is perfectly aligned with Cyviz’ proposition around the Dynamic control room – the best approach to move away from a static and single-purpose legacy control room.

The Cyviz presentation is an opportunity for delegates to learn how the changes in the workforce and the digital transformation are requiring a new approach to command and control. Indeed, in a world that is constantly changing and with more data than ever at hand, the approach to decision-making and analyzing complex situations in a control room is critical. The situational awareness in control rooms and operations centers is imperative. Control rooms will have to adapt to new demands, making space for a new generation of control rooms and operations centers. Introducing the dynamic control room – the best approach to move away from a static and single-purpose legacy room and transform it to a dynamic and multipurpose space where the physical and the virtual worlds can co-exist.

This new dynamic control room will become indispensable in helping organizations manage incidents, improve speed and accuracy of decision-making, and mobilize the workforce when a crisis hits. The dynamic control room by Cyviz is a multipurpose solution that is ideal for operation centers combining crisis and daily operations. It is an agile solution that optimizes space based on the current needs, so your incident response room can be used at all times and not only when the crisis hit.

If you are attending the event, we will be presenting on Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 16:20 – 16:40.