Technology | 2017-06-08

Caliber Public Safety Delivers Safety Rapid Implementation for Coffey County, KS Dispatch Center

Source: ICCRA

With a rapid implementation, taking just seven weeks from start to finish, the Center now utilizes Caliber’s Next Generation (NG) CAD.

When the Coffey County, KS Sheriff’s Office Communications Center’s legacy server crashed, leaving them vulnerable without Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to field emergency calls, Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) worked closely and swiftly to provide an immediate solution.

With a rapid implementation, taking just seven weeks from start to finish, the Center now utilizes Caliber’s Next Generation (NG) CAD, which offers the stability and peace of mind needed when working with emergency situations. With this migration to CAD NG, Coffey County now relies on solid architecture, meaning they will not have to revert to pen and paper in the future.

Tasha Rogers, 911 Coordinator/Communications Director for Coffey County, has oversight for all communications, including the 911 system. “When our legacy computer server crashed, it was the worst case scenario for any dispatch center. We had to make a quick decision: re-install and configure the legacy CAD or invest in a next generation CAD. Caliber’s Software for Life program made the decision easy! The Caliber team worked closely with my staff for seven weeks on a rapid implementation of CAD NG. We are no longer on pen and paper and have a CAD system that will help to ensure the safety of our community for years to come.”

According to Faysal Tay, VP of Sales and Marketing for Caliber Public Safety, “For those who have experienced equipment failure, there is a sense of urgency to get the system back as quickly as possible. Our rapid implementation with Coffey County was a prime example of working together to achieve a common goal. Our Software for Life program made this possible for Coffey County — due to a server failure, they gained a CAD NG system that will make the dispatchers more efficient and will ultimately make the community a safer place.”


Caliber is committed to supporting our legacy products for as long as clients rely on them. To help protect the investment agencies have already made in their law enforcement software, Caliber stands by a “Software for Life” policy. All clients who maintain a current maintenance agreement receive the benefit of substantially reduced costs when migrating or replacing their current system with any of the next generation software available within the Caliber Public Safety family of products.