Technology | 2017-05-25

NICE Introduces NICE Inform Elite for Emergency Communications Centers

Source: ICCRA

Incident Intelligence dashboards, reconstruction and Quality Assurance evaluations are now supercharged by CAD incident analytics and GIS mapping, to empower centers to make smarter, faster decisions along with operational performance improvements.

NICE today introduced NICE Inform Elite, the eighth generation of its industry-leading multimedia incident information management solution for emergency communications centers. The NICE Inform Elite edition goes far beyond traditional emergency communications recording solutions to deliver incident intelligence that empowers Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to improve their operational performance, provide better quality service and make smarter decisions.

With its release of NICE Inform Elite, NICE truly stands out as a public safety trend-setter and pioneer,” said Dick Bucci, principal analyst, Pelorus Associates. “NICE has found a way to bring together data from the siloed systems that PSAPs use every day, to enable decision makers to visualize it in new ways, operationalize it, and extract hidden insights to improve operations.”

“All emergency communication centers have performance targets they strive to meet,” said Chris Wooten, executive vice president, NICE. “They need to stay on top of these targets to ensure they’re performing at the highest levels and keeping the public safe. With NICE Inform Elite, PSAPs now have access to the incident intelligence they need to make smarter, faster decisions, along with workflow automation tools to optimize quality and operational performance.”

NICE Inform Elite adds four new core capabilities on top of Inform’s already robust applications. These include: CAD Incident Analytics to enhance incident reconstruction and automate quality assurance workflow; Incident Intelligence dashboards for real-time tracking of performance targets and trends; GIS mapping for improved incident visualization and analysis; and a future-ready multimedia recording platform.