APCO: Spillman’s Citadex CAD a Hot Product of 2014

Source: MCCResources

APCO’s Hot Products is an exclusive, annual editorial showcase of the newest and most innovative products on display at APCO’s Annual Conference & Expo.

Each year an editorial review team from APCO’s publication, Public Safety Communications magazine, examines each product and magazine editors and the Editorial Advisory Committee selects the products to be featured in the Hot Products showcase. Spillman’s Citadex CAD was one of only 13 products chosen as a Hot Product in 2014 and was featured in the November issue of Public Safety Communications magazine.

Citadex CAD provides call takers and dispatchers with the necessary information for traffic stops, calls for service, or information calls. Because it is fully integrated with other Citadex modules, the CAD system eliminates extra work for the officer by having information already filled out to help provide accurate reporting. Because multiple people can comment on a single call, the Citadex CAD tool can provide the most up-to-date information to responding field personnel.

Spillman began developing a new product, Citadex, with smaller agencies in mind. As a web-based, or hosted, system, all data is stored and maintained offsite. This allows agency personnel to access data on any device with Internet access and a web browser, including a desktop computer, a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Citadex’s suite of modules also offers fully integrated Records Management (RMS), Jail Management (JMS), civil processes, and mapping and analytics solutions, all accessed from a single login point.