TriTech balances modernization and ease-of-use in latest release of inform CAD and Mobile

Source: MCCResources

TriTech Software Systems proudly introduces Inform CAD and Inform Mobile 5.6, the next major release of the public safety industry’s leading computer-aided dispatch and mobile data solution.

Major highlights of Inform CAD and Inform Mobile 5.6 include continued enhancements to the user interface, upgrades to the underlying GIS technology, and integrations to powerful software aimed at transforming the EMS industry.

Inform CAD was one of the first computer-aided dispatch systems in public safety history to feature integrated mapping and live routing capabilities. With Inform CAD and Inform Mobile 5.6, TriTech has begun to upgrade the underlying Esri technology to serve as a foundation for future enhancements and provide a more efficient workflow for GIS, CAD, and Mobile users. The GIS administrator will be able to utilize the latest Esri products to more easily develop, edit, and maintain maps. In turn, the CAD and Mobile users will benefit from more informative maps that refresh at a quicker rate.

Erik Loberg, Director of Product Management of TriTech Software Systems
“With the rapidly evolving public safety market and diverse changes that lay ahead, such as next generation 9-1-1, digital communications, and community paramedicine—to name a few—it is important that our solutions work well for the different ways that our customers may use our products. TriTech puts customers’ business needs first when developing software advancements, so that we deliver the best user experience. This release is critical as it sets the stage for future workflow, GIS, and user interface enhancements which are already setting a new standard for our CAD and Mobile users.”