Omnitronics introduces the new advanced GPS service for RediTALK and Alto

Source: MCCResources

Omnitronics are pleased to announce its latest addition to the RediTALK and Alto product feature lists – the Advanced GPS Service.

This service expands on the standard GPS functionality of Omnitronics’ digital dispatch consoles by adding full-featured asset tracking and reporting. The service is designed to run on a Microsoft Server and provides the interface between GPS-equipped radios and the GPS application using a hosted map server.

Capable of integration in both the RediTALK and Alto consoles, the Advanced GPS service provides users with a range of functions including the asset tracking of vehicles and/or people, user defined geo-fencing, emergency alert options by SMS or email, as well as a full informational data reports that can be exported to a variety of common formats.

Position tracking, radio ID, latitude, longitude, time and radio activity are made securely available and logged at predetermined intervals. Additional parameters such as speed, direction and call types are also optionally available.

By upgrading to the Advanced GPS Service, users can expect to see productivity gains through features such as trace routing and reporting, as well as safety improvements through the use of geo-fencing and alarms.