Hytera all-in-one dispatcher DS-6500 for immediate use

Source: MCCResources

Along with radio solutions for various industries, Hytera also presented the all-in- one dispatcher DS-6500 at this year's PMRExpo in Cologne.

The DS-6500 is a complete dispatcher package ready for immediate use that combines all functions for a complete DMR dispatcher solution in one chassis. Along with the integrated Hytera radios of type MD785, the DS-6500 comprises a powerful computer with multi- channel sound card that is used as the platform for Hytera's proven, pre-installed dispatcher software SmartDispatch.

Highlights of the DS-6500:

  • Plug-and-Play After delivery it is only necessary to adapt the radios to the environment (frequencies, call numbers etc.) using the pre-installed programming software
  • Comprehensive dispatcher functions With the SmartDispatch dispatcher software provided, all standard functions are immediately available to the user, for example voice communication, GPS-based services, short messages and system-wide voice recording.
  • Variants and expansion capabilities In the standard version the DS-6500 includes two Hytera radios. On request the dispatcher solution is also available with one MD785. Up to two additional MD785 can also be connected to the rear of the chassis. In this way the capacity can be expanded up to 8 timeslots. In addition, the DS-6500 offers various connections for peripheral devices. Monitors can be connected via HDMI, DVI or VGA cables. Six USB and two Ethernet interfaces are also available via which the DS-6500 can be connected to IP multisite repeater radio networks.