Paratus information system

P.I.S. is a unique and modern system that provides functionality, performance and stability for the ambulance services.

The system is built to support the care giving process inside the ambulance, and to serve as a digital ambulance journal. It is also very user friendly and flexible.

P.I.S. is based on our long experience and field knowledge, as well as the latest standards, guide lines, techniques and demands of the ambulance services. This makes the system optimal today and ready to meet the demands of the future.

P.I.S. encompasses a number of modules, for example:

  • Organization, Area and Station
  • Personnel, Education and Delegation/Ordination
  • Vehicles (ambulance, emergency vehicles, helicopters, etc.)
  • Ambulance Journal
  • National Studies
  • Pictures
  • Financial Follow-up
  • Integrations towards other systems
  • Integrations towards SOS-alarm (Sweden)
  • Medicine
  • Report Generator
  • Systems Maintenance