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September 2022

Systems Integration at the User Interface - The right information at the right time

With the explosion of communication, sensors and other information channels and an ever growing citizen expectation that service providers will know everything all the time, it is more important than ever that critical control room operations are able to integrate the plethora of sources more effectively to deliver the right information at the right time.  Decision-making is key to the success of mission-critical operations, and can be severely hampered by poor quality, missing, or delayed information. 

This integration has been problematic for many years but today's technology solutions offer greater potential than ever to brush away the myriad of operator GUIs that accumulate as new systems come on line and take a more intelligent approach.  This webinar will consider the user objectives and challenges, the benefits of better integration at the user interface, and ideas about how to achieve this



The Internet of Things (IoT) coupled with thousands of apps that have been developed for the public market can create an undue burden on emergency call centers (ECCs) and their employees.  Standardized formats and common data elements are critical as we move into a Next Generation environment. 

Ty Wooten, ENP
Director of Government Affairs
Int’l Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED)


Case Study: Simplifying Management of Disparate Control Systems

Tyler Bonner 
Senior Vice President
Diversified US


A vision of the future for control room service operations - how life saving intelligence from connected devices is being used to transform the emergency response

Jeremy Habberly
Director of Global Accounts


Importance of API ecosystem in critical decision making

Mathieu Dobbeleir
Director, Product Management (OCS)

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