ICCRA draws its membership from critical control rooms professionals across sectors and related commercial and supplier companies to create shared learning opportunities.

  • Public Safety/Emergency Services
  • Airports and Airlines
  • Utilities
  • Banks
  • Transportation Service Providers (buses, trains, metro)
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agencies
  • Border Protection Agencies
  • Highways and Road Agencies
  • Ports Management
  • And more…

If your organisation is an existing TCCA member, there is no need to apply for ICCRA membership separately. As a TCCA working group TCCA members have access to ICCRA events and benefits.

Membership Categories and Rates

Membership is organised into two main categories:

  • Operator: Available to those personnel who plan, finance, staff, administer, design, install, maintain, manage, command or operate a critical control room and supporting information systems. Applicants must be an employee of the organisation providing the critical control room services.
  • Commercial: Available to those who receive compensation for providing products and/or services to critical control rooms. Vendors, consultants, suppliers, sales people, manufacturers and training entities may qualify as commercial members.

Group rates provide organisations with a bulk purchase of memberships at discounted rates.

Membership Category Individual Memberships Fee
Operator: Individual 1 EUR30.00/£27.00
Operator: Tier 1 5 EUR120.00/£107.00
Operator: Tier 2 10 EUR200.00/179.00
Operator: Tier 3 20 EUR345.00/£309.00
Operator: Tier 4
(TCCA Cat 4 User Membership)
Unlimited EUR630.00/£564.00
Commercial: Individual 1 EUR205.00/£183.00
Commercial: Tier 1 5 EUR900.00/£805.00
Commercial: Tier 2 10 EUR1730.00/£1548.00
Commercial: Tier 3 20 EUR2800.00/£2505.00
Commercial: Tier 4
(TCCA Cat 2 General Membership)
Unlimited EUR3150.00/2818.00

For those organisations who purchase Tier 4 group membership, this provides full membership of the TCCA at the categories listed in the table above.

Please, note that all prices stated are exclusive of VAT.

How to Join

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Email to:
  3. Our administration team will send an invoice with payment instructions.

Login details for the website will be sent out automatically to members.