ICCRA draws its membership from critical control rooms professionals across sectors and related commercial and supplier companies to create shared learning opportunities.

  • Public Safety/Emergency Services
  • Airports and Airlines
  • Utilities
  • Banks
  • Transportation Service Providers (buses, trains, metro)
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agencies
  • Border Protection Agencies
  • Highways and Road Agencies
  • Ports Management
  • And more…

Membership Categories and Rates

Membership is organised into two main categories:

  • Operator: Available to those personnel who plan, finance, staff, administer, design, install, maintain, manage, command or operate a critical control room and supporting information systems. Applicants must be an employee of the organisation providing the critical control room services.
  • Commercial: Available to those who receive compensation for providing products and/or services to critical control rooms. Vendors, consultants, suppliers, sales people, manufacturers and training entities may qualify as commercial members.

Group rates provide organisations with a bulk purchase of memberships at discounted rates.

Membership Category Individual Memberships Fee
Operator: Individual 1 EUR30.00/£27.00
Operator: Tier 1 5 EUR120.00/£107.00
Operator: Tier 2 10 EUR200.00/179.00
Operator: Tier 3 20 EUR345.00/£309.00
Operator: Tier 4 Unlimited EUR630.00/£564.00
Commercial: Individual 1 EUR205.00/£183.00
Commercial: Tier 1 5 EUR900.00/£805.00
Commercial: Tier 2 10 EUR1730.00/£1548.00
Commercial: Tier 3 20 EUR2800.00/£2505.00
Commercial: Tier 4 Unlimited EUR3150.00/2818.00


Please, note that all prices stated are exclusive of VAT.

How to Join

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Email to:
  3. Our administration team will send an invoice with payment instructions.

Login details for the website will be sent out automatically to members.