Tyler Technologies acquires MobileEyes

Source: Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) announced today it has acquired TradeMaster, Inc., commonly known in the industry as MobileEyes, a company that develops software to improve public safety by supporting fire prevention and suppression, emergency response, and structural safety. "The acquisition of MobileEyes supports Tyler's vision of creating safer communities through innovative technology solutions," said Lynn Moore, president and chief executive officer of Tyler. As one of the fastest-growing fire prevention solutions in the U.S., MobileEyes serves 240 clients, including the City of Indianapolis Fire Department in Indiana, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District in California, and Palm Beach County, Florida. Its easy-to-use, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications serve fire prevention agencies, building departments, and sprinkler and alarm contractors, and perform custom inspections, produce professional reports, and quickly communicate findings to the right constituents.

MobileEyes offers applications specifically targeted at fire marshals and fire prevention departments. In many cases, these applications are replacing agencies' paper-laden processes. MobileEyes brings great value to Tyler by providing a unique solution that will integrate with multiple products, allowing Tyler to provide a complete solution for all life safety functions.