Finland launches 112 SMS service

Source: EENA

In Finland, the emergency notification can now be sent as an SMS to the emergency number 112. Users are required by law to register in advance with the Emergency SMS Service. The national emergency SMS number 112 will be in use as of 1 December. According to Marko Nieminen, ERC Service Director, the Emergency SMS Service is primarily designed for individuals who cannot hear or produce speech. However, anyone can sign up for the service.

Nieminenalso said: with the introduction of national emergency SMS number, the Emergency Response Centre Administration primarily wants to guarantee access to emergency services for special groups. Initiating the use of a national 112 emergency SMS message is a major improvement in the accessibility of emergency services. - At the moment, regional numbers are in use for emergency SMS messages. The introduction of the same emergency number that almost every Finn already knows means a major improvement in the service, Nieminen says. In communications related to the Emergency SMS Service, the Emergency Response Centre Administration has worked in close collaboration with the Finnish Association of the Deaf and the Finnish Federation of Hard of Hearing