Airbus DS Communications and Medina County Demonstrate Flexibility and Reach of New VESTA Mapping Solution

Source: Airbus DS Communications

Airbus DS Communications, North America’s leading Public Safety communications provider, has teamed with the Medina County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, to expand the company’s efforts to improve location accuracy for 9-1-1 systems. This collaboration will demonstrate the capabilities of the new VESTA® Map Local solution to help Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) of any size better locate 9-1-1 callers, especially those using wireless devices. “With more people using mobile devices to call 9-1-1, PSAPs must ask a number of questions to identify callers’ locations. This takes valuable time – delaying emergency response and putting lives at risk,” said Jeff Robertson, CEO, Airbus DS Communications. “With the VESTA Map Local solution, Calltakers now have contextual information to more quickly locate their callers and ask better-informed questions for improved response time. We are proud to work side-by-side with our long-time customer, Medina County, to bring this solution to PSAPs.”

The VESTA Map Local solution incorporates the latest technologies and is among the first of its kind to utilize the innovative Esri® ArcGIS Runtime platform. This opens Medina County to the power of ArcGIS online maps and extends Calltakers’ views outside county lines, where no map or GIS data previously existed. Whether a wireless call originates inside or outside the county, 9-1-1 Calltakers now have contextual data – including streets or common points of interest such as lakes or streams – to help them locate callers.